Revisiting the Wastelands and Old Man Logan – Marvel Entertainment

Revisiting the Wastelands and Old Man Logan – Marvel Entertainment

Mapping the Wastelands

5 many years later, America reprimaryed divided into completely diffelease territories. WOLVERINE (2003) #66 provided The primary map of The Prolonged time period, As properly as to an replace on who was In cost Of every territory. The west coast is dominated by the Hulk gang, who took over the territory from Bruce Banner’s nemesis, the Abomination. Logan lived beneath the “safety” of Hulkland, which implyt that he And every completely diffelease resident have been extorted by an evil househprevious of gamma bullies.

The subsequent territory is The dominion of the Kingpin, an space previously dominated by Magneto. There’s An monumental space Inside the midst of the Wastelands that has no ruler In any respect. Although the map signifies that there’s a Kree Haven shut to the state previously Usually acknowledged as New Mexico. Doom’s Lair takes up a slice of Central America, and neighboring Doom’s Lair to the east is an unnamed territory that has a metropolis referred to as “Osborn City.” Lastly, the east coast Knpersonal As a Outcome of the President’s Quarter, firmly beneath the administration of the Purple Skull.

Meet the Family

WOLVERINE (2003) #66 additionally launched Logan’s househprevious. His spouse was named Maureen—They typically ran a farm Collectively with their youngsters, Scotty and Jade. It’s potential that Logan even named Scotty after his previous frenemy, Cyclops. Past that, Logan didn’t primarytain any mementos from his time as a member of the X-Males. The Logan househprevious was impoverished, however comparatively joyful together. Sadly, a monetary setback implyt that they couldn’t pay the “lease” to the Hulk Gang.

Logan briefly thought-about breaking his oath and unleashing his claws on the Hulk Gang. Instead, he allowed them to …….


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