December 8, 2021


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Johnson How the Rosetta Stone was deciphered – The Economist

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Oct Twenty eighth 2021

YOU Might assume In all probability the most daunting decoding challenges happen when an enemy makes a message troublesome to study by design. To interrupt ciphers Similar to Germany’s Enigma code Inside the second world wrestle requires monupsychological ingenuity.

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So why did the decipherers of Egyptian hieroglyphs take lots of of years To finish their process? The codemakers didn’t purpose to obscure their writing. However That they had been lifeless For two,000 years, And college students knew nofactor sure of their language. They confronted textual content materials That Can be receipts or prayers and lacked the cultural information to guess which. They have beenn’t constructive the place phrases and sentences started, And even which method the textual content material ran. A minimal of the Enigma codebreakers knew they have been Looking for one factor resembling army orders in German.

Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798 Partially as a Outcome of French mentals have been awed by The conventional tradition that had produced the pyramids and sought To overcome it. However they knew little of the psychological Lifetime of the Egyptians; hieroglyphs had been out of use for millennia.

The invention of a stone By way of the …….