Berkshire Humane Society Pet of the Week: Meet Evie – Live 95.9

Berkshire Humane Society Pet of the Week: Meet Evie – Live 95.9

Every Wednesday at 8:30 we’re joined by John Perreault, Authorities Director of the Berkshire Humane Society To debate All of the happenings at their Barker Road facility, plus Converse about their Pet of the Week.

This week’s Pet of Week is Evie, a 9-yr-previous spayed black Labrador retriever mix. Evie acquired here to Berkshire Humane Society As a Outcome of of failing well being of her proprietor. She Does not get Collectively with cats or canine, so Ought to be The one pet Inside The house.



At 9-yrs-previous, Evie qualifies for a senior low cost and does love a extra relaxed way of life, however May even be lively. She nonetheless enjoys having fun with and going for strolls outdoors. Evie likes to be with people, so a househprevious the place Individuals are round More typically than not is most properly-appreciated. She’d additionally do biggest in a househprevious the place youngsters are A minimal of 13 yrs previous.


In case You’ve an curiosity in Evie, please Name of the Berkshire Humane Society kennel at 413-447-7878, extension 126.

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