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Is Benjamin Netanyahu God’s Countdown Clock For The End Of The World? (Part 2) -By Joe Dauda – Opinion Nigeria

Dear esteemed reader, if you have not read the original article with the above title(that is, Part 1) please don’t bother to read this yet. It is important to read Part 1 before reading this Part 2. Here is the link you can click to read Part 1:

Like I asserted in Part 1 of this article, God made me to understand that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a sort of countdown clock for the end of the world. As the most prominen…….

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Greek Goddess Rhea: Mother of the Gods & Queen of the Titans – Ancient Origins

Rhea is one of the most important ancient Greek gods. Although a Titan, she was responsible for both the birth and survival of the most famous Greek Gods such as Zeus and Hera. However, today while people with even a passing knowledge of Greek mythology know many Greek gods’ names, Rhea rarely gets the respect she deserves. Learn more about Rhea, Mother of the Gods, and Queen of the Titans.

Rhea in Mythology

Most major Gree…….

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‘God’s Fool’ Review: A Singing, Beat Poet Saint – The New York Times

That’s not a problem in itself, since the singing, mostly unaccompanied, is excellent. Arranged and directed by Arthur Solari, it helps establish the world from the start, as the cloaked cast enters intoning an Easter vigil. And the frequent retreat into song gives a sense of a confused flock clinging to fellowship.

But the singing does contribute to some of the show’s confusion…….

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